Our Services

RDCL offers a one stop comprehensive package of services that provides entire value chain for any prospective and existing partners from sourcing to after sale services for health and consumer products inclusive of cold chain . RDCL provides our partners with expertise , on the ground logistics and tailor made services based on a comprehensive network and including the following services

Our Services


With access to deep local market expertise and manufacturing units, we can source the products locally as per the partners need with perfect mix of cost effectiveness , quality and dependable supply. At the same time we ensure to compliance with local regulatory requirements .

Market Survey , research and Analysis

We provide our partners market survey information , analysis which includes customized marketing plan to meet the local needs and survey report to determine relevant segment , product determination and long term business plan. Also offer specific guidelines required for Myanmar Market.


We have a dedicated and experienced regulatory team with excellent communication skills . Our team's insightful knowledge of local regulations and good rapport with local regulatory authorities gives us an advantage for fast track processing.

Importation, Warehousing and Inventory Management

We have a dedicated and experienced team for handling importation with ability for fast track clearance of cargo at reasonable cost. We have comprehensive warehousing and storage facilities including cold chain set up as per regulatory guidelines for inventory and logistic management . We govern our operations with effective controls and have systems in place to interface with business partners for effective execution of order processing.

Marketing and Sales

With our coverage across Myanmar , a highly effective field force , excellent infrastructure and deep industry expertise , we provide a wide choice of marketing and sales activities . We offer a complete array of marketing and sales services for consumer goods , luxury and life style products and health care products . We have resources and expertise in brand building and service all related channels , customers and outlets . We take all responsibility for all market related aspects and in specific offer:
- insight to customize marketing plan to meet local needs
- surveys on retail universe , visiting and routing plan.
- Key account staff and merchandisers to handle key accounts
- more than 150 sales and marketing team including supervisors and managers at all levels
- retail cash vans and whole sale net work coverage.

After Sales Services

Depending upon the nature of product we offer after sales services like performance guarantee , warranty and maintenance services .

Training and Development

We have a system of continuous on the job training program with periodic self development training by external trainers.